October 21, 2013

Jenufa DVD review 2013

"Veteran dramatic soprano Gitta-Maria Sjöberg is a magnificent Kostelnicka. Her solid sound, capable of both beauty and real thrust, sails through the music's exceptional accuracy and technical know-how. Looking just right in her grey bun and severe black dress, she employs grand physical gestures only when absolutely suitable, otherwise accomplishing much through stillness and eloquent facial expression. Implacability, pride and finally vulnerability are all present in this remarkably complete portrayal. ---
...but Sjöberg is superior vocally to Silja, madrid's Deborah Polaski or Barcelona's Eva Marton. No Jenufa fan should settle for just on DVD, and I won't name a preference, but will simply say that I'm thrilled to see another strong contender entering this field."                                    Roger Pines

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