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      31. Concert w Mats Jansson - piano, at The Royal Academy of Science's Annual Ceremonial Meeting

      29. Concert at Graese Church w Sara's stringquartet Matti Borg: "Fairytales-songs"

      22. Birgit Nilsson Society - Annual General Meeting and invited to the Premiere of La Boheme at 
            the Malmö Operahouse - Sweden

      18. Askov Højskole - DK Planing meeting for the Nordic Song Festival in 2015

      17. Invited to the Opening of the "Sangens Hus" in Herning w the cultural minister Marianne Jelved - DK

      15. Masterclass for young singers at Nordkraft, Ålborg Operafestival - DK

      14. Recital w Ulrich Staerk - piano, Kunsten, Ålborg Operafestival - DK

       8. International Women Day - concert w Anette Kruisbrink - guitar, songs by Anna-Lena Laurin and Matti                  
           Borg at Medborgarhuset, Eslöv - Sweden

       6. Concert w Anette Kruisbrink songs by Anna-Lena Laurin and Matti Borg at Palladium, Malmö - Sweden

       3. Birgit Nilsson Society - Meeting at the Malmö Opera - Sweden

       2. Birthday Celebration for Cond. Leif Segerstam - Malmö Opera - Sweden


       25. Meeting with Arta Ghavami - Nordic Hymne - for Nordic Song Festival, in Copenhagen, DK

       4 - 15. Masterclass for singers, meetings for Nordic Song Festival, in Malmö, Gothenburg
            and Stockholm - Sweden

       5.  Invited to dinner and concert at Finlands Embassy in Stockholm - Sweden


      31. "Sangens Hus" Conference at Hindsgavl Castle - DK


      26. Transition World - reception at the Egelund Castle - Fredensborg, with Ervin Laszlo - ELCAS, 
            the President for The Goi Peace Foundation Mr Hiro Saiunji - Japan  a o
            to present a big peace- and Nordic cultural Event May 16th 2015 in the Danish
            Radio Concerthall where I will be one of the soloists and artistic advisors. Also in
            cooperation w Nordic Song Festival

      21. Dinner at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport w Öresundsgruppen

      16. New Year Reception at Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Copenhagen - DK

      12. New Years Concert-tour with The Tivoli Promenade Orchestra, Birthe Kjær and Thomas Eje 
            - Allinge, Bornholm - DK
      11. New Years Concert-tour with The Tivoli Promenade Orchestra, Birthe Kjær and Thomas Eje  
           Cond.: Henrik Krogsgaard - Allinge, Bornholm - DK
      10. New Years Concert-tour with The Tivoli Promenade Orchestra, Birthe Kjær and Thomas Eje 
           - Maribohallen, Maribo - DK

       8. New Years Concert-tour with The Tivoli Promenade Orchestra, Birthe Kjær and Thomas Eje 
           - Taastrup Theatre - DK

       5. New Years Concert-tour with The Tivoli Promenade Orchestra, Stephen Brandt, Susanne Elmark and  
           Thomas Eje - Ringsted Congrescenter - DK

        4. New Years Concert-tour with The Tivoli Promenade Orchestra, Maria Lucia and Thomas Eje 
            Cond.: Bjørn Hyrup, Hvidovre Medborgerhus, Hvidovre - DK



       14. Messias - soprano part. hr 15.00 - at Christianskirken, Copenhagen C.  
       9. Christmas concert with Nordiska Kammarorkestern in Sundsvall
       1 - 7. Recording Matti Borg: "15 sånger till dikter av Gustaf Fröding" with Mattias Nilsson - baritone, Erik 
       Jakobsson - conductor and Nordiska Kammarorkestern - to be released at "Nordic Song Festival" June 22     
       2014 in Strömsbruk, Hälsingland, Sweden

        28. Nordic Song Festival - Reception at the Danish Embassy in Stockholm  

        26. Charity-Christmas-Concert hr 19.00 - Emmauskirken, Peter Bangs vej 1, Frederiksberg
        For young mothers of Greenland in Copenhagen - arr.: Diakonissestiftelsen and Soroptimist International

        17. Recital hr 15.00 with Irene Hasager - piano, Vejle Musikteater

        9. Madama Butterfly hr 20.00 - Trommen, Hørsholm
        7. Madama Butterfly hr 19.30 - Albertslund Musikteater

        5. Nordic Textiles Award in Concert 2013 - hr 19.30 with conductor Joachim Gustafsson and Borås 
        Symphony Orchestra
        1. Madama Butterfly hr 20.00 - Viborg Teater


         27. Madama Butterfly hr 17.00 - Kulturværftet Helsingoer   

         24. Concert hr 20.00 with Matti Borg - Bariton and Irene Hasager - piano, at Askov Højskole, South       

         15 & 17. Concerts with Visti Hald - tenor and Ulrich Staerk - piano, at Tourettes Festival, Provence

         12. Recital at Nyborg Strand Hotel with Erik Kaltoft - piano               

         1-10. Rehearsals of Madama Butterfly at the Royal Opera in Copenhagen and preparing concerts. 

26. CD-recording of "Nordic Winther & Christmas Songs" with Lindy Rosborg - organist at the Dome of Copenhagen.                                                                                                            To be released in autumn 2014 
16-20. Planning and meetings about "Nordic Song Festival" in Jussi Björlings father Davids hometown Strömsbruk - to start June 22-29 2014                                                                     see soon: 
10-14. Masterclass for young singers in Stockholm with Anders Wadenberg - pianist           Preparing Madama Butterfly and concerts 
7. Recital with Matti Borg - bariton, Irene Hasager - piano and Mette Borg - actor, dramaturg and director at:                                                                 
 1. Die Götterdämmerung - hr 6 pm (18.00) Christians Kirken Copenhagen            
Role: Gutrune
17., 24., 31. Die Walküre hr 4 pm (16.00) -  "Der Ring des Niebelungen" at Christians Church  
Role: Sieglinde 
18., 25. Die Götterdämmerung - hr 6 pm (18.00) Christians Kirken Copenhagen               
Role: Gutrune 
11. Soloist at Tivoli Concert-Hall hr 19.30 (7.30 pm)
4. Soloist at the Copenhagen Opera Festival - The Opera Monolog "Promenade Abyss"  composed by Anna-Lena Laurin, directed by Mette Borg - more info to come
29. Start rehearsals of "Der Ring des Niebelungen" A shortened version - director Stig Fogh Andersen, Christians Church - Copenhagen Roles: Sieglinde and Gutrune Premiere: Aug. 16 Rheingold
28. Concert w Stig Fogh Andersen, tenor and Christian Einarsson, piano at Gunillaberg
- Tage Andersen sommerpalace hr 17.00
25.-27.  Masterclass w Mette Borg, dramaturg and Christian Einarsson, piano - Svaneke-Gaarden
23. Concert w Stig Fogh Andersen, tenor and Christian Einarsson, piano - Svaneke Kirke (Church)
13.-19. Masterclass w Matti Borg and Mats Jansson at the Summer-Opera-Academy at the Operafestival "Opera på Skäret" and Örebro University:
12. Concert w Mames Babegenush - Gjethuset hr 17.00, Frederiksværk
10. Concert w Mames Babegenush - Viborg Domkyrka (Cathedral) hr 19.30
9. Concert w Mames Babegenush at the Copenhagen Jazz-festival hr 20.00 at Islands Brygge - outdoor stage
7. Concert w Mames Babegenush, kletzmer-orch. - Väsby Kyrka (Church) hr 20.00, Skåne, Sweden
6. Rehearsal w Mames Babegenush
27. Holiday - until July 5th
27. Meeting w IVAI in Copenhagen
26. Recital w Irene Hasager, piano - Borup Church hr 19.30
15. Concert w Bodil Heister, Accordeon - Roskilde - private birthday
10.  Soloist at the Foundation "A good start in life" Award to the Hungarian doctor Ágnes Geréb. The International organisations FIGO ( Federation international of Gynaecology and Obstetrics)    and ICM (The International Confederation of Midwives) supports Ágnes Geréb. Hr 15.00 at the  Proffessionshøjskolen Metropol, Copenhagen.
3.- 8. CD-recording Nordic Christmas- and Wintersongs w Dorthe Zielke, trumpet - Tobias Durholm, concertmaster at the Royal Theatre -  Lindy Rosborg, organist at the Copenhagen Cathedral
2. CD-Launching of Haakon Børesen's Opera Kaddara, role: Kaddara Christians Church, Copenhagen hr 16.00ønlandsk-opera-skal-genindspilles
31. Meeting w the composer Miklos Maros, Stockholm
30. Soloist at the Prize-concert in Eskilstuna Concert Hall hr 19.30, Sweden
29. Wagner- and Verdi-concert w Thomas Rischel, piano - highschool in North Sealand
28. Soloist at the Wagner-debate w the authors: Henrik Nebelong and Jakob Levinsen,                             Louisiana Museum hr 19.30, Denmark           
17.-19. Concert and opening of the Birgit Nilsson Museum, Västra Karup,
13. CD-recording w Henrik Metz - Christians Church, Copenhagen - Swedish old  Hymns              
11. Il Tabarro - last performance
8. Soloist "Promenade Abyss" w Linda Dahl Laursen, piano at the ending of Conference and Celebration of Soren Kierkegaard - The Copenhagen University Hall
6. Il Tabarro
5. Soloist w Linda Dahl Laursen, piano at the Premiere of "Promenade Abyss"                         composed by Anna-Lena Laurin, directed by Mette Borg at the 200-years Celebration and Conference of Soren Kierkegaard  - the Copenhagen University Hall among the guests: Ervin Lazslo and Queen Margrethe ll of Denmark
4. Concert w Dorthe Zielke, trumpet and Soren Johannsen, organ at the S:t Maria Church in Elsinore - for the Heart-disease Society
3. Legendary Friedrich Gürtler 80-year Birthday- Concert at the Royal Academy of Music - singing Il Tabarro-duet with Niels-Jorgen Riis, tenor
2. Il Tabarro
1. Rehearsal w Dorthe Zielke, trumpet and Soren Johannsen, organ
1. Rehearsal w Linda Dahl Laursen, Anna-Lena Laurin, Mette Borg
29. Il Tabarro
28. Vier Letzte Lieder w Tove Lønskov, piano - The Danish Song Society
24., 27. Il Tabarro
22.-23. Rehearsals w Linda Dahl Laursen, Anna-Lena Laurin and Mette Borg of the premiere May 5th 
13., 15., 17., 21.  Il Tabarro
11. Carmen - Esbjerg
9. Carmen - Sønderborg
8. Carmen - on tour, Svendborg
6. Meeting w composer Anna-Lena Laurin, Malmö Opera
6. Meeting w Birgit Nilsson Society Board - Malmö Opera
5. Meeting w the choreographer Lotta Lagerström about future cooperation, Malmö
2.-4. Rehearsals of Carmen, Royal Opera                 
27. Rehearsals of Carmen, Royal Opera
26. Meeting w producer Bente Milton and director Mette Borg, about the premiere of Anna-Lena Laurin's  composition to be sung w Linda Dahl Laursen, piano - at the Celebration of Soren Kierkegaard 200-year Birthday May the 5th 2013                       
26. Meeting w Henrik Metz about CD-recording in May 2013
25. Il Tabarro
24. Interview w Sören Tranberg, the magazine "Opera"
23. The Annual Meeting of Birgit Nilsson Society, Malmö Opera  - I was elected as Chairman of the Society
23. Il Tabarro - hr 12.00
22. Soloist at the funeral of Torsten Andersson, Kristianstad, Sweden
21. Il Tabarro, Royal Opera, Copenhagen
20. Concert w Celia Linde, guitar - Opening of the 600-years Anniversary of  Landskrona - among the guests: The King Karl XVI Gustav of Sweden 
18. Premiere Il Trittico - Royal Opera, Copenhagen - role: Giorgetta (Il Tabarro)
16. Dressrehearsal Il Trittico - Royal Opera, Copenhagen
19.-24. Prag - working w coach Mark Pinzow, Prag National Opera 
17. Concert w Copenhagen Festival Ensemble - Odd Fellow Palace - program a o Chausson "Chanson Perpetuelle" for stringquartet and piano, and "Fairytale-songs" - composed and arr for stringquartet and soprano by Matti Borg  
13. Concert w Irene Hasager - at the launching of the book "Wagner and sex" by Henrik Nebelong - German Church, Copenhagen 
11.-12. Rehearsals w Copenhagen Festival Ensemble
4. Start reh. Il Tabarro - Royal Opera, Copenhagen, Role: Giorgetta
31. Concert w Benjamin Koppel and Orchestra - Skive, Denmark
27. "Kunst-clash" w Benjamin Koppel and Orch. - The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen 
20. 25-years Anniversary Concert - Big Stage at the Copenhagen Opera w Orsi Fajger, piano - Mames Babegenush - Nordic Five - and members of the Royal Theatre Orchestra 
12. New Year Concert w Tivoli Promenade-orchestra at Fritz Schur 
11. New Year Concert w Carol Conrad - Fyn, Denmark 
5.-6. New Year Concerts - Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra - Conductor: Joakim Gustavsson - Gothenburg Concerthall                                                       

31. New Year Concerts - Malmö Opera Orchestra - Conductor: Leif Segerstam
Nov. 25. – Dec 21. ChristmasConcert-tour in Denmark w Kurt Ravn 20 concerts    
18. and 23. Stand by Lady Macbeth from Mzensk – Staatsoper Hannover  
3. and 7. Lady Macbeth from Mzensk – Staatsoper Hannover       
27.-28. Carmen on Tour – Frederikssund and Slagelse   
26. Lady Macbeth from Mzensk – Jump in as Katerina Ismajlova – Staatsoper Hannover 
21.- 22. Carmen on Tour – Vejle  
16.-18. PR-Photo-session for New Year-concerts w Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra 
11. Carmen on Tour – Elsinore            
10. Meeting for Nordic Song Festival: w Anne Højbjerre Andersen, Kjeld Boye Møller,                           Allan Griege              
7.  Recital w Irene Hasager, piano - Husby Church    
Preparing Giorgetta ”Il Tabarro” , Carmen-tour, 25th years-jubileumconcert, New                            Year-concerts a o
29. Networking for Nordic Song Festival: Galleri Krebsen Vernissage 
15. 20.Concerts w Cowbell Music, Benjamin Koppel, Marie Carmen ao 
3. - Start reh Carmen on tour – Guido Paevatalu Production and Royal Opera, Copenhagen   
30. -31. Holidays in Sofia, Bulgary
20.- 29. Recording and Concert comp Haakon Børresen Opera:  Kaddara – role: Kaddara in Ruse, Bulgary -                                          
18. -19. Opera-Gala – Rosenborg Have, Kolding – Royal Opera 
5., 10., 11., 12. – Concert-tour in Denmark ”Opera i det fri” – Royal Opera, Copenhagen 
28. Soloist w Mames Babegenusch ”Opera-Jam” at the Copenhagen Opera Festival
25. -27. Coach at the masterclass ”Exprimentarium for operasingers” w dramaturg Mette Borg  – Svanekegaarden, Bornholm
24. Opera-concert w Pär Lindskog – Svaneke Kirke, Bornholm
12.-20. Coaching singers w Matti Borg and Mats Jansson - Masterclass at the ”Summer-                            Academy for operasingers and composers” at the Operafestival ”Opera på Skäret” in cooperation w Örebro University.
9. Soloist at The Jussi Björling Society Concert in Voxna, Sweden

25. Æreskunstner Bornholm – 2012 Honorabel Artist Bornholm 
21. Recital w Irene Hasager – Husum Kirke
11.-14. Recording Nordic Christmas & Winthersongs - CD w Lindy Rosborg, Dorthe Zielke and Tobias Durholm

18.-20. Birgit Nilsson Museum opening and VIP-dinner + meeting Birgit Nilsson SocietyMay Preparation - Giorgetta, Christmas CD a o

 23.-24. Masterclass at the Vocal department of Malmö Music Academy  
16. Recital w Karin Holm -  Parnassen Göteborg, Sweden
4. Recital w Karin Holm –  Mauritzberg, Hålanda Sweden
1., 14. "Lady Macbeth from Mzensk" - Gothenburg Opera
8., 16., 21., 24. ”Lady M from Mzensk” Gothenburg Opera             
27. Portraitprogram Swedish Radio 
8.,16.,19.,29.  "Lady M from Mzensk" Gothenburg Opera - Sweden
4.  Premiere – Lady Macbeth from Mzensk – direct broadcasted Swedish Radio

Rehearsals at  Gothenburg Opera – Shostakovitj: Lady Macbeth from Mzensk
Role: Katerina Ismailova - sung in Russian
Director: Graham Vick
Choreographer: Ron Howell
Conductor: Thomas Sanderling           

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