February 29, 2012

Lady Macbeth from Mzensk - review feb 2012:
Dagens Nyheter:

 "Gitta-Maria Sjöberg’s Katarina also has a lightness and playfulness in her acting that challenges the role in a new way. She is a "player" who invites Pär Lindskogs Sergei, Mats Almgrens Boris (her father) and all the others to a merry dance. And that turns luxury kitchen appliances at great places to fuck around on – until the milk literally squirting out of the overturned refrigerator. A brilliant design transverse to all conformist romantic dreams. Especially in the unforgettable scene when Catherine first put her dead husband in the trunk of his shiny white Volvo C70. And then invites Sergej on the car roof - to where, once again, make love to him and say this so strange vibrating phrase: "Now you're my man."
  Said by a crazy passionate woman whose tragic fate in the final opera raises perhaps the worst jeers - from the modern era, which is no longer especially totalitarian, but who would rather protect their own inner emptiness than dare to love."

Martin Nyström

Performances at the Gothenburg Opera, Sweden: Feb. 4, 8, 12, 16, 19, 29
March: 4, 8, 16, 21, 24 and April: 1, 5, 14

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